Frequently Asked Questions

1.What should I do to be prepared for an accident should it occur?

Keep an emergency kit in your car: a disposable camera, cell phone, pen & paper will be needed at the scene.

2.What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

First, exchange information with everyone involved: name, address, phone numbers, insurance information, driver's license numbers and license plate numbers. Second, get a police report. Third, know your insurance policy: speak with your agent ASAP. And last, select a repair facility.

3.Do I have to use the insurance company's recommended repair facility?

Absolutely not. Under Georgia law, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired where ever you wish. Do not let an insurance company tell you otherwise.

4.Can an insurance company make me take my car to a certain shop?

No, you have the right to choose the repair facility. Most insurance companies want your vehicle properly repaired and they want you to be satisfied....However, there are insurance companies who will direct you to their own program shop primarily to reduce their expense. We believe quality should come before cost and as a matter of policy we do not cut corners. This is an important step in protecting the value of your vehicle.

5.Who can authorize repairs to my vehicle?

Only you can authorize repair work on your vehicle. We understand and respect this. Whether minor or extensive, our collision center will make sure your vehicle is assessed and estimated correctly, and repairs done to manufacturer's specifications.

6.Why should I insist on all OEM parts?

Aftermarket or salvage parts often do not meet OEM standards for fit, finish, corrosion protection, construction or safety. There is no way to alert you of recall or defective parts from the aftermarket manufacturer. We believe the best repair result comes from using original equipment parts.....if you have the choice, YES, insist on original parts.

7.Will my paint match?

Restoring your vehicle with the proper paint match is one of the most important parts of the repair. A poor paint match can greatly affect the value of your vehicle. With over 35 years of combined experience, our paint department's color match ability is second to none!

8.How long should the repairs take?

The repair process only begins after the administrative process is completed. During the administrative process, the insurance company must establish fault and verify coverage. We will then begin the inspection to determine repair cost. The insurance company will check the value of the vehicle against the repair cost estimate and make a claims decision; is the vehicle repairable? or is it a total loss? If repairable, we will complete the disassembly and identify all the damage. We then contact the insurance company for another inspection and proceed with the parts order. Once parts have arrived (typically 2-4 days) we will continue the repair process. The body & frame/unibody repairs will be completed and the vehicle is sent to the paint shop. After paint, all painted panels are buffed & polished to insure the best possible match. The vehicle is assembled & cleaned up for a review by our quality control manager. This process usually takes 1 working day for every 4 labor hours of repair. This is the standard used to calculate rental vehicle authorization and payment reimbursement. It is worth noting that the administrative process can take longer than 1 week in some cases. Stay involved with your claim. Know the insurance company's claim representative by name and have their phone number.